The Viognier Sensi, from the clay hills of Corleone at 550 meters above sea level, enhances the refinement of the Viognier grape variety with a typically Sicilian expression. This wine, crystal clear and straw yellow with golden highlights, is distinguished by an intense and complex bouquet dominated by notes of tropical fruits such as peach, apricot and pineapple, enriched by floral effluvia and sweet spices. On the palate, it is dry, intense and full-bodied, maintaining a perfect balance between aromatic intensity and freshness. Aged in stainless steel silos and perfected in the bottle, Sensi Viognier is ideal with sushi, pasta carbonara, grilled white meats and a variety of cheeses, making it a versatile companion for a wide range of dishes.


100% Viognier




Municipality of Corleone (PA)


We recommend sushi and oriental gourmet specialties, pasta carbonara, grilled white meats, short to medium-aged cheeses, and all vegetable and fish specialties typical of the Mediterranean tradition

aging and refinement

Stainless steel silos for 2 months, bottle for at least 30 days

…Wine nailed down
And suspended, loving,

Verses by Pablo Neruda
from “ode to wine”

Linea Sensi

Poetry, art and wine: harmony of the senses in every sip

Linea dei Sensi combines the taste of wine with art and poetry. Each bottle is a symphony for the senses, enhanced by paintings and poetic verse, inviting you to discover Sicilian grape varieties in a unique way. In addition to sight, smell, and taste, Sensi stimulates touch and hearing with braille labels and the sound of wine being poured, culminating in deep emotion when the bottle is opened.
A journey beyond drinking, to connect with the essence of Sicily.

White Grapes in Bloom: An Artistic Link with Winemaking

Between surrealism and nature:
a visual journey with Viognier Sensi

The work “white grapes in bloom” transports us to an almost surreal landscape, where the fragile human figure merges with an imaginary harvest under the autumn sky. This canvas of vivid impressions and colors captures the breath of the winter wind, heralding the cold months when wine becomes the silent and expected protagonist. With a brushstroke of love and sea, the work evokes the slow maturation of Viognier, transforming into a wine that envelops the palate with a sweet and complex harmony.


The heart of Sicily beating

In the heart of the Sicilian hills, the Corleone estate is an emblem of quality and passion. This special place, nestled between 200 and 400 meters above sea level, invites you to discover the authentic soul of Sicilian wine, combining the richness of the terroir with a history of culture and dedication.