Sensi Chardonnay




In the heart of Sicily, in San Michele di Ganzaria, comes ‘Sensi’ Chardonnay, a wine that embodies the majesty and elegance of its volcanic terroir. Placed 400 meters above sea level, on medium-textured limestone soils, this pure Chardonnay expresses the richness of Sicilian nature, shaped by expert hands. Early August harvest and carefully controlled cryomaceration reveal a complex aromatic bouquet where white flowers, tropical fruit and subtle spicy notes dance in perfect harmony. Its dry, dry and balanced texture is distinguished by surprising persistence and a finish that beguiles with almond accents. An ideal companion for the finest culinary delights, from sushi to carbonara, it promises a unique sensory journey where tradition and innovation come together under the sign of Patria.


100% Chardonnay




City of San Michele di Ganzaria (CT)


We recommend sushi and oriental gourmet specialties, porcini mushroom risotto, pasta carbonara, short to medium-aged cheeses, and all vegetable and fish specialties typical of the Mediterranean tradition

aging and refinement

Stainless steel silos for 1 month, bottle for at least 30 days

…the son of Zeus and Shemele
gave men the wine
To forget the pains.

Verses of Alceus of Lesbos
in translation
by Salvatore Quasimodo

Linea Sensi

Poetry, art and wine: harmony of the senses in every sip

Linea dei Sensi combines the taste of wine with art and poetry. Each bottle is a symphony for the senses, enhanced by paintings and poetic verse, inviting you to discover Sicilian grape varieties in a unique way. In addition to sight, smell, and taste, Sensi stimulates touch and hearing with braille labels and the sound of wine being poured, culminating in deep emotion when the bottle is opened.
A journey beyond drinking, to connect with the essence of Sicily.

“Grapes in Celebration: Reflections on Chardonnay.

A canvas of tradition and expectation

Incorpora’s “Grapes in Celebration” captures the vibrant essence of ‘Sensi’ Chardonnay, portraying the magical moment when nature offers its most precious fruits. On this canvas, the strength and resilience of the vinedresser join the gentle anticipation of the harvest, symbolizing a deep connection between man and the land. Chardonnay grapes, described as “spisidda di focu” (sparks of fire), represent not only the celebration of the harvest but also the promise of joy and relief from daily burdens. Through this work, the Chardonnay ‘Sensi’ becomes an invitation to celebrate life, reminding us that each sip holds the story of an expectation filled with hope and passionate work.

the estate of San Michele di Ganzaria

Under the Sicilian sun,
Where wine meets the earth

In the heart of Sicily, in the shadow of breathtaking views, lies the San Michele di Ganzaria estate, the birthplace of our prestigious Nero d’Avola ‘Sensi’. This unique terroir, located 450 meters above sea level, is characterized by limestone and clay soils that give the wine unparalleled structure and complexity. The estate, surrounded by an enchanting landscape that mixes the blue Sicilian sky with the deep green vines, represents the very essence of the island, where tradition and nature come together to create wines of exceptional quality.