Syrah Sensi




In the beating heart of Sicily, amid the volcanic expanses of Bronte, comes Syrah ‘Sensi’ IGT Terre Siciliane, an oenological jewel that embodies the power and elegance of the Syrah grape variety. Grown at 700 meters above sea level on volcanic soil enriched with potassium and iron, this wine is the result of careful grape selection and winemaking involving careful maceration and fermentation with selected yeasts, all culminating in maturation in Slavonian oak barrels. The result is a purplish-red Syrah with an intensely complex nose that opens to spicy and vegetal notes, enriched by red fruit preserves. On the palate, it reveals great structure, with velvety tannin supporting a balanced alcohol content and a lingering finish of rare spicy elegance.


100% Syrah




Municipality of Bronte (CT)


We recommend pasta alla norma, grilled red meats, roasts, caponate, peperonate, medium/high-aged cheeses, and all red meat and vegetable-based gastronomic specialties typical of the Mediterranean tradition

aging and refinement

Slavonian oak barriques for at least 12 months, bottle for at least 6 months

Wine gònfiati: already the astro
marking the summer of the tour
Celestial returns, everything is burned
Of thirst, and the smoky air
for the heat

Verses of Alceus of Lesbos
in translation
by Salvatore Quasimodo

Linea Sensi

Poetry, art and wine: harmony of the senses in every sip

Linea dei Sensi combines the taste of wine with art and poetry. Each bottle is a symphony for the senses, enhanced by paintings and poetic verse, inviting you to discover Sicilian grape varieties in a unique way. In addition to sight, smell, and taste, Sensi stimulates touch and hearing with braille labels and the sound of wine being poured, culminating in deep emotion when the bottle is opened.
A journey beyond drinking, to connect with the essence of Sicily.

Oil on canvas entitled: “Dance of bunches of grapes”

A hymn to life

The work “Dance of Bunches,” displayed on the label of PATRIA Syrah Sensi IGT Terre Siciliane, embodies the deep connection between the earth and its gifts, depicting the joyful synergy between nature and human beings. Through brushstrokes that dance across the canvas, Incorpora captures the harvest scene with clusters that seem to burst into a shower of life under the September sun. This image, full of movement and passion, symbolizes the abundance and celebration of labor in the Bronte vineyards, offering with each sip of this Syrah a tribute to the beauty and resilience of nature.


Of the volcanic vines

In the heart of Sicily, 700 meters above sea level on the slopes of Mount Etna, lies the Bronte estate, a place where nature expresses all its power and generosity. Here, Merlot vines thrive on volcanic soils rich in potassium and iron, giving Merlot ‘Sensi’ wine unique characteristics of intensity and complexity. The Bronte estate invites a journey through breathtaking landscapes, offering an authentic experience that blends history, culture and a passion for wine, in a goblet that tells of the magic of Etna’s terroir.