DOC Etna



Born from the volcanic slopes of Etna at 700 meters above sea level, Etna rosé ‘Sensi’ expresses the full essence of Nerello Mascalese. Grown on mineral-rich soil through careful vinification involving short maceration and temperature-controlled fermentation, this rosé has a bright cherry pink color. Its floral notes of broom and jasmine, enhanced by citrus and spicy undertones, prelude a sip that is striking in its elegance and freshness, with a savory, smooth aftertaste. Perfect as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to seafood and vegetable dishes, it celebrates the vibrancy and tradition of the Sicilian territory.


100% Nerello mascalese


DOC Etna


Etna, north slope contrada Pontale Palino – Rovittello


Ideal as an aperitif, it perfectly accompanies vegetable and fish couscous, seafood risottos, tuna tartare and other seafood and vegetable specialties typical of the Mediterranean tradition, cured meats and cheeses.

aging and refinement

Maceration with the skins for 14 hours (overnight wine), soft pressing of the berries, fermentation of the free-run juice with selected yeasts in steel vats for about 15 days at temperatures of 16/18 °C.

…Et however, I believe that
much happiness to both the
men who are born
where they are located
the good wines.
Leonardo da Vinci

Linea Sensi

Poetry, art and wine: harmony of the senses in every sip

Linea dei Sensi combines the taste of wine with art and poetry. Each bottle is a symphony for the senses, enhanced by paintings and poetic verse, inviting you to discover Sicilian grape varieties in a unique way. In addition to sight, smell, and taste, Sensi stimulates touch and hearing with braille labels and the sound of wine being poured, culminating in deep emotion when the bottle is opened.
A journey beyond drinking, to connect with the essence of Sicily.

Oil on chest board titled: “grapes between your feet”

Among the vineyards of Etna, an interweaving of nature and humanity in the artist’s vision

The work “Grapes Between the Feet” captures the essence of a unique moment when nature and humanity meet in a gesture of intimate connection. The protagonist, shrouded in sunset on Mount Etna, becomes one with the grapes, symbolizing a deep connection with the land that nourishes him. This scene focuses attention on the importance of contact, respect and care in the process that turns grapes into wine. The formal balance and mutual care between man and nature reflect the passion and art of winemaking, making every sip of Etna rosé ‘Sensi’ a tribute to the harmony between Sicilian tradition and innovation.


Where the vines
face the fire

Nestled in the unique atmosphere of Northern Etna, our estate represents the beating heart of the volcano, a region steeped in a volcanic heritage that lends strength and complexity to our wines.