Nero d’avola Bio – femina

DOC Etna



Nero d’Avola Bio embodies the deep essence of Sicily through the island’s most representative grape variety. Grown in the fertile lands of S. Michele di Ganzaria, 400 meters above sea level, this organic wine expresses the richness of a well-balanced soil. Its carefully curated vinification reveals a deep purple-red color and an olfactory bouquet dominated by notes of cherries, berries, spices and a touch of black pepper. The palate is distinguished by its warm softness, balanced by fine tannins and a velvety texture that invites tasting. Femina Nero d’Avola Bio is a tribute to feminine strength and sensuality, enhancing the Sicilian winemaking tradition with elegance and passion.


100% Nero d’Avola




S. Michele di Ganzaria (CT)


We recommend paccheri with wild boar ragout, barbecued Nebrodi pork sausage, structured meat main courses, medium/high-aged cheeses, and all the vegetable and meat specialties typical of the Mediterranean tradition

aging and refinement

Silos si stainless steel for 6 months, bottle for at least 4 months

nero d'avola femina

Femina line

Wines that dance on the tongue with grace and sensuality

The Femina Line embodies elegance and delicacy, like an ode to femininity. The wines in this line are compelling, sinuous and ready to impress with every sip. Discover the harmony that only a selection of wines designed for women can offer.

the estate of San Michele di Ganzaria

Under the Sicilian sun,
Where wine meets the earth

In the heart of Sicily, in the shadow of breathtaking views, lies the San Michele di Ganzaria estate, the birthplace of our prestigious Nero d’Avola ‘Sensi’. This unique terroir, located 450 meters above sea level, is characterized by limestone and clay soils that give the wine unparalleled structure and complexity. The estate, surrounded by an enchanting landscape that mixes the blue Sicilian sky with the deep green vines, represents the very essence of the island, where tradition and nature come together to create wines of exceptional quality.