PROS.IT Sparkling Wine




Be captivated by, a sparkling celebration of Sicilian winemaking excellence. Created from a careful selection of Carricante and Viognier grapes, this sparkling wine expresses the freshness and energy of the Sicilian terroir. Vinification follows the Charmat method, with a second fermentation in an autoclave to ensure fine and persistent perlage, followed by a minimum 6-months aging that enhances its complexity. Its straw-yellow color, combined with a lively nose of green apple, tangerine and floral nuances, preludes a young, amiable palate. Its delicate effervescence and well-balanced residual sugar invite sipping it as an aperitif or to accompany light dishes.


Carricante, Viognier






Ideal as an aperitif, we recommend light fish-based first courses, grilled blue fish, soft cheeses, and all simple vegetable and fish specialties typical of the Mediterranean tradition.

aging and refinement

Bottle for at least 30 days

Brio line

Fresh and dynamic wines for memorable moments

The Brio Line celebrates the joy of life, offering a collection of wines designed for all those who wish to enrich their special moments with a touch of freshness and dynamism. These modern, crisp wines are ideal for accompanying daily adventures and unforgettable encounters, turning every sip into a unique experience that captures the vibrant essence of life.

Get caught up in the vibrancy of Brio, an invitation to toast the joys, big and small, that each day holds for us.


The heart of Sicily beating

In the heart of the Sicilian hills, the Corleone estate is an emblem of quality and passion. This special place, nestled between 200 and 400 meters above sea level, invites you to discover the authentic soul of Sicilian wine, combining the richness of the terroir with a history of culture and dedication.