PROS.IT Rosé Sparkling Wine




In the heart of northern Etna, at an altitude of 600/700 meters above sea level, comes PROS.IT Rosato, an Extra Dry sparkling wine that captures the vibrant essence of Nerello Mascalese. Thanks to nutrient-rich volcanic soil, this wine is distinguished by its bright cherry pink color and finely persistent perlage. The winemaking process, which combines tradition and innovation, gives a rich olfactory bouquet of wild strawberries and hints of rosehips, followed by a fresh, amiable palate and delicate tannins. Ideal as an aperitif or to accompany light Mediterranean dishes, PROS.IT Rosato is the epitome of volcanic elegance, inviting you to celebrate special moments with bubbles of pure seduction.


Nerello mascalese


Extra Dry sparkling wine


Etna north contrada Pontale Palino


Ideal as an aperitif and in combination with typical Sicilian salami and short-medium aged cheeses, we recommend light first courses, grilled meats, and all unstructured vegetable and meat specialties typical of the Mediterranean tradition.

aging and refinement

Bottle for at least 30 days

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Nestled in the unique atmosphere of Northern Etna, our estate represents the beating heart of the volcano, a region steeped in a volcanic heritage that lends strength and complexity to our wines.