Morgentino Rosé Sparkling

IGT Terre Siciliane



Born from the fertile slopes of Etna’s northern slope, Morgentino Rosato is the emblem of a unique volcanic land, enhanced by the purity of Nerello Mascalese. At 650 meters above sea level, where the soil is enriched with potassium and iron, this sparkling wine captures the essence of eastern Sicily. Its vinification is the result of a skillful balance between tradition and innovation, offering the palate a fresh and minerally rich experience, enhanced by light notes of berries. Ideal as an aperitif or paired with light dishes, Morgentino Rosato invites a sensory journey, celebrating the ancestral connection to the land and culture of Sicilian wine.


Nerello mascalese


IGT Terre Siciliane


Etna, north slope contrada Pontale Palino


Ideal as an aperitif, we recommend light fish-based first courses, fish fries,
soft and short-aged cheeses and all simple vegetable and fish specialities typical of the Mediterranean tradition

aging and refinement

Bottle for at least 30 days

The Ancestral Link: Morgentino and the Legacy of the Morgetians

The flavor of a thousand-year history

Morgentino wine has its roots in the legend of King Morgete and the Morgeti, ancient custodians of eastern Sicily and pioneers of viticulture.
These people, forerunners in “sapling” grape cultivation, left a legacy of agricultural wisdom that Cantine Patria continues to honor.
The passage of Chalcidian settlers further enriched this tradition, blending cultures and techniques into a deep connection with the divine, represented by Bacchus,
god of wine.

Morgentino is not just a wine, but a living symbol of a history that intertwines myth and land, a tribute to the continuity of a winemaking practice that defines Sicily’s identity. Each sip narrates millennia of dedication,
combining timeless quality with tradition.


Where the vines
face the fire

Nestled in the unique atmosphere of Northern Etna, our estate represents the beating heart of the volcano, a region steeped in a volcanic heritage that lends strength and complexity to our wines.