extra dry

Organoleptic characteristics

Colour: Straw yellow with green reflections
Bouquet: aromas of orange blossom, jasmine, aromatic herbs, citrus fruits and white fruit.
Good acidity and freshness.
Flavour: full and harmonious


Production Area: Etna
Vineyards in Ha: 2
Exposition: North/East
Altitude:700 metres above sea level
Soil Type: Vulcanic
Vineyards age: 25
Planting density for hectare: 8000 plantes
Training system: Bush
Ql. Grapes/ha: 40 about
Yield for hectare: 50% about
Harvest period: November
Climate: hot- humid

History of

From latin wish PROSIT borns our extra dry sparkling wine with a Charmat method from Catarratto grapes. With its straw yellow color characterized by aromas of orange blossom, jasmine, aromatic herbs, citrus and white fruit, it is striking for its acidity and minerality. From the Latin verb prodesse (giovare) with the meaning, just that good, which brings “well” the accompanies not only the toast but is a perfect partner for appetizers, shellfish, main courses of fish and in the structured versions it can also be combined with delicate white meats.