Palici White

Organoleptic characteristics

Colour: Straw yellow
Bouquet: Intense,persistent and characteristic of crust
Flavour: hints of yeast, fresh


Production Area: North Etna
Vineyards in Ha: 4
Exposition: North/South
Altitude:800-900 metres above sea level
Soil Type: Vulcanic
Planting age: 15 years
Planting density for hectare: 5000 plantes
Training system: Spurred cordon
Ql. Grapes/ha: 90 about
Yield for hectare: 70% about
Harvest period: September/ October
Cliamate: Dry


Soft pressing
Fermentation equipment: Steel fermenters
Duration of fermentation in days: 20
Fermentation temperature in C°: 14-15
Maturation in bottle and refinement with yeast: 18 months
Refinement with cork: 4 months

Laboratory analysis

Sugar content at harvest time: 18-19° babo
Total Acidity of the must at harvest time: 9-11 about
Alcohol content: 12,00-13.00 % Vol
Ph: 3.1


Bottle ageing: 2 years


Glass bottles: 0,75l
N° of bottles in box: 6

Serving suggestions

Excellent with any fish dish, as dessert wine or aperitif

Serving temperature:8°-10°C

The Palici, real pearl wine, is a sparkling wine DOC is the first made in Sicily. In 1992 our company decided to make this sparkling wine using the grape varieties of Nerello Mascalese vinified in white.
The Palici sparkling wine is the result of a natural fermentation in the bottle with champagne method left to mature on the lees for at least 18 months. After this period, the phase of the riddling, or the daily rotation of the bottle at an angle of 45 ° over a period of 1 -2 months. The bottle, reached the vertical position is ready for the removal of the lees collected inside, in the vicinity of the crown cap by disgorgement. The name "Palici" runs the legend of twin sons of the god Vulcan Adrano, and Thalia nymph, symbol of water. The Palici are the personification of thermal sulfur springs and represent the union of water and fire. According to legend, the twins were born underground because Thalia, was afraid that because Era, jealous wife of Zeus could kill them but, one day, not far from the river Simmete , saw go out out two children that the nymph had given birth. The Palici from the Greek words: Palin ikèsthai means twice-born, from Thalia and Earth.