Olive Oil Extra Virgin

Variety culture

100% Nocellara of Etna


Production Area: Castiglione of Sicily ( North Etna)
Soil Type: Vulcanic
Altitude:700-900 metres above sea level
Period for collection:December
Collection method: shaking
Extraction method: cold

Organoleptic characteristics

Appearance: Veiled
Colour: green with golde reflections
Bouquet: fruitly
Flavour: Spicy, Slightly bitter aftertaste

Analysis laboratory:

Acidity: 0,29
Nr peroxides: 8,1
Panel Test: 7,0

Serving suggestion:

The ideal for raw, to be combined with fish dishes,soups,red meats and salad


Bottles of 500 ml

Olive oil

Barone di Miceli olive oil is a product of the "PATRIA" brand, typical and of the highest quality, able to satisfy the tastes of all types of consumers. The Nocellara dell'Etna makes an oil with some organoleptic characteristics that have a good fruity, with pleasant sensations of grass and green tomato and pleasant bitter and spicy taste notes. The olives are harvested by hand from 1 November until the end of December, when they reach optimal ripeness. After they are cold pressed, within 24 hours from the harvest, after being defoliated and washed. The intense yellow color, similar to the golden one, gives justice to a high-quality product of the highest range, which finds space in the best Italian kitchens and beyond.