Femina White

Organoleptic characteristics

Colour: Straw yellow
Bouquet: Intense,persistent and characteristic of crust
Flavour: hints of yeast, fresh


Production Area: North Etna
Exposition: North/South
Altitude:800-900 metres above sea level
Soil Type: Vulcanic
Planting age: 15 years
Planting density for hectare: 5000 plantes
Training system: Spurred cordon
Ql. Grapes/ha: 0 about
Yield for hectare: 70% about
Harvest period: September
Climate: Dry


Soft pressing
Fermentation equipment: Steel fermenters
Duration of fermentation in days: 20
Fermentation temperature in C°: 14-15
Maturation in bottle and refinement with yeast: 18 months
Refinement with cork: 4 months

Laboratory analysis

Sugar content at harvest time: 18-19° babo
Total Acidity of the must at harvest time: 9-11 about
Alcohol content: 12,00-13.00 % Vol
Ph: 3.1


Bottle ageing: 2 years


Glass bottles: 0,75l
N° of bottles in box: 6

Serving suggestions

Excellent with any fish dish, as dessert wine or aperitif

Serving temperature: 8°- 10°C

Our Linea Femina, from the Latin Femìna - donna, fully represents the meaning of its name. These are indeed attractive, sinuous and delicate wines that are able to astonish from the first sip.The spumante Femina Metodo Champenois is born, a worthy successor to our sparkling wine Pàlici.