Etna Rosato

Organoleptic characteristics

Colour: Rosè
Bouquet: citrus note of Sicilian blood orange.
Flavour: harmonious and fresh


Production Area: Etna
Vineyards in Ha: 2
Exposition: North
Altitude:700-900 metres above sea level
Soil Type: Vulcanic
Planting density for hectare: 5000 plantes
Training system: Spurred cordon
Harvest period: October/November


Press: Soft pressing
Fermentation equipment: Steel fermenters
Fermentation temperature in C°: 18°-20°

Laboratory analysis

Sugar content at harvest time: 19-21° babo
Total Acidity of the must at harvest time: 8 about


Glass bottles: 0,75l
N° of bottles in box: 6

Serving suggestions

Chees, White meat, rice and fish dish

Serving temperature:

8°-10° C

A wine with a full and velvety taste present in the Rosé variety that preserves purity and uniqueness. It comes from a single variety of grapes: Nerello Mascalese.
The fragrances of forest fruit refer to the ancient corners of an enchanted island like Sicily, where shadows and shapes glide over the past and caress the present. A present is reflected in this wine, a wine that releases solar shades and in which they play body and lightness, harmony and sweet aromas.
Whoever tastes this wine touches Sicily, walks side by side with its people, lives its places, captures its evolutions, lights up its color and discovers that modernity can gently embrace tradition in a glass.