Eneo Passito

Organoleptic characteristics

Colour: Gold yellow
Bouquet: apricot, peach, exotic fruit,caramel, hazelnut and quince.
Flavour: sweet,fruity and well balanced
Production Area: Etna
Vineyards in Ha: 2
Exposition: North/East
Altitude:700 metres above sea level
Soil Type: Vulcanic
Vineyards age: 25
Planting density for hectare: 8000 plantes
Training system: Bush
Ql. Grapes/ha: 40 about
Yield for hectare: 50% about
Harvest period: November
Cliamate: Dry


Production Area: Gela
Vineyards in Ha: 6
Exposition: South
Altitude: 20-50 metres above sea level
Soil Type: Sandy,clayey
Planting age: 6 years
Planting density for hectare: 8000 plantes
Training system: Spurred cordon
Ql. Grapes/ha: 40 about
Yield for hectare: 80% about
Harvest period: September
Climate: Hot-Dry


Soft pressing
Fermentation equipment: Steel fermenters
Duration of fermentation in days: 5
Fermentation temperature in C°: 16

Laboratory analysis

Sugar content at harvest time: 38° babo
Total Acidity of the must at harvest time: 5-6
Alcohol content: 11,50% Vol
Ph: 3.30


Glass bottles: 0,75l
N° of bottles in box: 6

Serving suggestions

A great aperitif,to go with cheeses,smoked fish or as dessert after meal

Serving temperature: 10-12°C

Passito Eneo:
It’s an old wine that becomes actual with a modern system of drying on the plant of grapes Moscato of Noto that with its explosive aromas of exotic fruit, jasmine and candied citrus, it is a complex wine but easy to love. Our Passito Oeneus grows in vines of Gela, to the south of Sicily thanks to its hot, dry summers allows to obtain grapes with a high concentration of sugars and aromas.
Passito Eneo it’s connected with one of the characters of Greek mythology, Oeneus the ruler of Calydon, remembered for have introduced the practice of winemaking in Aetolia. When Dionysus came to Calydon, Eneo, with great hospitality, he authorized him to sleep with his wife Altea. From their union was born Deianira. Dionysus refunded Oeneus giving it a vine plant, and teaching him the art of viticulture Passito is the ideal companion of the great Sicilian tradition of sweets and ice cream.