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Salvatore Incorpora

Salvatore Incorpora was born on Gioiosa Ionica (Reggio Calabria) on January 1, 1920 by Gemma Murizzi, a clay artist. "Anxious vocation to art". Art has been inherent in him since he was twenty years old and he leaves for the Second World War, and it is precisely in that context of war, with terracotta shepherds created in Poland and cooked in the foundry where he worked as a prisoner of the third Reick, who in 1942 builds the crib of that Christmas, in the Warthenau Cathedral, the crib of that Christmas, telling his idea and realization in Volume "That going - from a diary -" Euno├Ępublisher - 1992. Returning from prison, '45, completes the studies at the Academy of Art of Naples, and subsequently teaches for over forty years.
He is Honorary Inspector for Environmental, Architectural and Artistic Goods. In the 1950 and 1960 he exhibited collective, national, international and personal exhibitions Municipality of Linguaglossa.

Realizes monuments placed in various squares both in the south and in the center of Italy: Fiumefreddo di Sicilia - Molten bronze monument in Milan dedicated to the fallen of all wars.
Catania, statue depicting a bronze maternity placed at the University Hospital Department of Pediatrics Lazio Campodimele (Latina), '2004, bronze monument dedicated to the pastor of the Aurunci Mountains. Castiglione Soled: monument to the fallen - bronze. In 2000 he exhibited an entire section at the Verona Arena - International Art Nouveau Exhibition. International exhibition "Presepi dal mondo" - Palace of the Ragione - Piazza Duomo - Milan - 2002 Lubliana - Slovenia - Presepi-2003 traveling exhibition Honorary Citizenship of the City of Campodimele.

The 1980 emphasized a "hallucinatory expressionism. The use of the antithesis and the oxymoron, as happens in those artists who have a profound feeling of the tragic together with the confident love of life .. His epistolary relationships are known with: Francesco Messina, Carlo Levi, Leonardo Sciascia.

In the nineties he has created construction of Vie Crucis in polychrome terracotta for Sicilian churches. The publication of the volume "Quell'andare", the story of his imprisonment, was awarded in 1992 at the 10th International Literary Competition in Pontedera (Pisa) while the solo exhibition of paintings and sculptures at the European Parliament in Strasbourg in 1994. In 2004 he received honorary citizenship from the municipality of Linguaglossa.